Eco Art Lab sucht Doktorand:innen

Das SNF-Forschungsprojekt “Eco Art Lab. Relationale Begegnungen zwischen Klimaforschung und den Künsten” sucht zwei Doktorand:innen. / The SNSF-project “EcoArtLab. Relational Encounters between the arts and climate research” is searching for two PhD students:

Doktorand*in Kunstvermittlung im SNF-Projekt “EcoArtLab” / PhD student in Art Education in the SNSF-project “EcoArtLab”
Doktorand*in Transdisziplinarität im SNF-Forschungsprojekt “Eco Art Lab”/ PhD student in Transdisciplinarity in the SNSF-project “EcoArtLab”

Documentation online

The documentation of the 2020 Summer School is now online. Find out more about singe projects in the project-pages or have some insight into the whole Summer School in our documentation.

Workshop Beyond Participation: Reaching Institutional Openings

Join our workshop on April 10th 2021. The session will complete the methodology workshop on new approaches to the research of the changing institutional contexts of contemporary theatre and art production, held online in December 2020 and organized by Prof. Alexandra Portmann, Bern University/CH, and Prof. Peter M. Boenisch, Aarhus University/DK Learn more about the workshopContinue reading “Workshop Beyond Participation: Reaching Institutional Openings”

Research Wednesday

Join the “Forschungs-Mittwoch” on the 25th of November 2020. The talk offers an insight into the results of a workshop week at the end of August 2020, in which students and researchers from the HKB, the Crowther Lab of the ETH Zurich and the Geographic Institute of the University of Bern worked together. For more information,Continue reading “Research Wednesday”

Welcome to!

We’re very excited to be launching In the coming weeks and months, this will become a repository of all things related to climate change at the boundary of the arts and sciences. For now, all of our efforts are concentrated on the upcoming Summer School “Climate and the city”. Check out the program and joinContinue reading “Welcome to!”

Upcoming events:

Summer School:
Climate and the city
August 27th to 29th
At Frau Gerolds Garten and Migros Museum in Zurich

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