Best Practice Award 2023

«EcoArtLab – Relational Encounters I: Zukunftsbilder»

Our research toolbox was awarded the Best Practice Award as part of the call for research-based teaching, which is looking for teaching formats and teaching materials that have been developed through research work and successfully tested in the classroom.

„For the year 2023, the department management was able to award the Y research toolbox „EcoArtLab - Relational Encounters I: Images of the Future“ by Yvonne Schmidt with Johanna Paschen and Riikka Tauriainen with a performance bonus. This toolbox has successfully built bridges: Firstly, between research project and interdisciplinary teaching, and this in relation to our annual theme „Future“. Secondly, Yvonne Schmidt organized her course as an inter-institutional cooperation with the Institute of Geography at the University of Bern and the Forum for Climate and Global Change (ProClim). “