«Plankton Imaginary»

Experimental Ecology Exhibition

August, 25 - October, 29, 2023

«Plankton Imaginary» was the result of the collaboration between our Teammember artist Riikka Tauriainen and environmental scientist Meike Vogt. The project focuses on plankton ecosystems: the pair embarked on a journey together to understand and reflect on the social and imaginary aspects of plankton, beyond the scientific realm.
Photos: Nicole Strube

The research project ‘EcoArtLab. Relational Encounters between the Arts and Climate Research’ is a project of the Institute Practices and Theories in the Arts (IPTK) at the Bern Academy of the Arts (HKB) in cooperation with the mLAB of the University of Bern, founded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). Fotos Research & Team by Riikka Tauriainen