Toolbox | Y Institute HKB:

«Relational Encounters II: Migration - Climate - In/Justice»

Based on the cooperation between the EcoArtLab, the Open-Air Museum Ballenberg, Helvetas and the mLAB of the Institute of Geography at the University of Bern, another toolbox took place at the Y Institute of the HKB from April 15-19.

The toolbox offered students the opportunity to critically examine the topic of "Migration - Climate - In/Justice".
The focus was on the process of transdisciplinary exchange between HKB students and students from the Institute of Geography at the University of Bern.

Following inputs from Yvonne Schmidt (EcoArtLab), Johanna Paschen (EcoArtLab), Christina Aebischer (Helvetas) and exciting insights into the ongoing Residency "Dialogue as a means to understanding and empathy" by Alisha Dutt Islam and Nora Gailer, as well as a field research as part of an excursion to the Ballenberg for the opening of this year's themed trail "on the move across the world", students were able to develop their own project ideas.

Thus, in this short time, a sound video performance on ‘Slow Violence’; a mediation project on the topics of migration/home/identity; an illustration based on mushrooms/mycelium, which takes up both communication and the complexity of the topics; a critical examination of greenwashing and a game with borders was created and were presented and discussed at the end of the toolbox.

Concept Toolbox: Yvonne Schmidt & Anna Van der Ploeg (Helvetas)
Guided Tour through the themed trail: Nadja Buser (Co-Kuratorin, Helvetas), Barla Pelican (Helvetas) & Anna Van der Ploeg

Pictures: Thubten Shontshang; Mirko Winkel; Yvonne Schmidt