study group

«plankton ecosystems»

The study group program will take place within the framework of «Plankton Ecosystems», a ProHelvetia Synergies project, that Riikka Tauriainen is organizing in the context of the EcoArtLab. As part of Riikka's studies, the focus is on participatory and collective learning, which is directly related to Riikka's interest in organizing a study group and exchanging about these encounters, rather than thinking of research as an isolated practice:

„Participants in the group do not need to have the same area of expertise, but should have an interest in learning from each other. The idea is to share our practices in order to gain new methodologies, perspectives and approaches, and to forge networks of common ground. The connecting element is an interest in ecological issues and social justice in transdisciplinary practices, which I call relational ecologies.“ – Riikka Tauriainen

One of the meetings will be open to the public:

Kunsthaus Biel Centre d’art Bienne
Wednesday 26 June 2024

17:00–18:00 Apéro
18:00–20:00 Moderated study group session

Guest: Monica Ursina Jäger

Limited places available, please Register until June 10:

The moderated study group session will be held in english.The Kunsthaus Biel Centre d'art Bienne is accessible for people with reduced mobility. The foyer and the temporary exhibitions are wheelchair-accessible. A wheelchair restroom is available on the first floor.

Feel free to contact us for further questions regarding accessibility.


Andrea Bordoli(artist-filmmaker, visual anthropologist)

Nicolle Bussien(visual artist, research-based practice, social justice)

Jinat Hossain(researcher in human and cultural geography, feminist political ecology, artist and writer)

Marta Musso(marine biologist, educator and illustrator, plankton researcher, sailor)

Riikka Tauriainen(visual artist and artistic researcher, ecology, critical materialism and queer-feminism)

Celestina Widmer(historian, ecofeminist art and activism)