Ruth Buck, Mélia Roger, Hélène Walter

Still Rivers

The group found each other for because they all wanted to work with sound and voice. They agreed that they would work with the most diverse levels possible within their sound street. The group focused on the question of wether they can make the climate emergency tangible in this way and if their project can contribute something.

Then it happened that their project became tangible for them. A sound project / installation with different “representatives”. The group also found it important to establish a physical connection. With the idea of holding a stone in their hands whilst listening to the sound (via soundcloud) stones, they realized the need to emphasize compassion.

They had determined the components of the sound “Aaresound under water” “Voice of the Aare”, input from science and indigenous voices . Additionally as a physical object they took stones from the Limmat.

On Wednesday evening the three of them went down to the Aare to record the “submerged Aaresound”. In doing so, they learned how important one collective exact idea of cooperation is at all levels.
On Thursday the group got to see their new location Frau Gerolds Garten. They were now able to get an idea of the situation and decide on a place / situation that was suitable for their sound installation.

Now was the time to concentrate fully on the realization: it happened in quick succession. Helene and Ruth fetched stones from the Limmat. Then these were washed to make them “Corona compatible”.

It was great that Mélia had a lot of experience in editing and that the group was able to use the ZHdK recording studio. The group discussed and composed the soundpiece together. Due to a lack of time, this part drew a bit too short and we had to split up the group.

There were hectic preparations in progress to install the experience in the tent at the Gerold’s Garten. The sound editing was ready and up just in time on Soundcloud to listen in from the mobile phone. The group summarized their effort with the title “Still Rivers”.